63% of Americans “don’t support Trump”…

President Joe Biden obtained more than half of the support and showed a relative advantage in terms of competitiveness in the finals. According to a survey conducted by the Associated Press on the 10th to 14th of 1,165 adults in the United States with the University of Chicago Public Opinion Research Centre (NORC) on the 16th, 63% of respondents said they would never or probably would if former President Trump was elected as a candidate. He said he would not support it.

Only 36% of respondents expressed their support for former President Trump. By political orientation, 74% of Republican supporters supported former President Trump, while 93% of Democratic supporters turned their backs.

US President Biden had relatively few negative answers. If President Biden is elected as a candidate, the answer that he would never or probably would not support it was less than a majority with 45% of the total. 54% said he would support it. By political orientation, 82% of the Democratic Party confirmed their intention to support it. 91% of Republicans were against it. However, for both candidates, the opposition outweighed the approval in terms of candidate suitability.

When asked if they wanted President Biden to be the next presidential candidate, 75% of respondents answered no, and 69% of former President Trump’s aphorisms answered negatively. President Biden was opposed by 55% of the Democratic supporters, while former President Trump was opposed by only 37% within the Republican Party.

The Associated Press said, “The results of this survey show that there is no significant change in divided public opinion even after the unprecedented series of prosecutions of former President Trump.”

The same pattern was evident in the prosecution of former President Trump by federal prosecutors. The investigation was conducted before former President Trump was sued for the fourth time in Georgia. In the survey, 53% of respondents rated former President Trump’s campaign fraud prosecution as appropriate, and 51% pointed out that former President Trump had committed an illegal act. By political party support, 85% of Democratic supporters admitted the prosecution, while only 47% of non-party supporters and 16% of Republican supporters admitted the legitimacy of the prosecution.

Regarding former President Trump’s allegations of election fraud, 70% of the responses said that President Biden won the 2020 presidential election, which was the majority. 98% of the Democratic supporters supported it, and only 41% of Republicans acknowledged the victory of President Biden.