70,000 people stranded at Nevada festival.

The Associated Press and CNN reported on the 3rd that heavy rain fell on a festival held in the Nevada desert, leaving more than 70,000 participants stranded in the mud and one person dead.

The ‘Burning Man’ festival has been held since the 27th of last month in the Black Rock Desert, about 177km north of Reno, Nevada, and there was a surprise heavy rain from the 1st to the morning of the 2nd. As a result, the normally dry land was flooded and turned into mud, and as car wheels were unable to get out of the mud and became mixed up, causing chaos, the organizers completely restricted vehicle access for safety reasons.

The Pershing County Sheriff’s Office, which oversees the area, said that about 70,000 people were stranded at the site and that one death occurred during the event and is being investigated. However, the police did not reveal the identity of the deceased or the suspected cause of death. There are also stories online of people having to walk several kilometres to get to the site because it was impossible to move by car.

Pop star DJ Diplo, who was there, posted a video on social media of himself riding in the bed of a pickup truck with comedian Chris Rock, revealing that he walked 6 miles (9.7 km) in the mud before getting into the car.

“We walked down the street for hours with our thumbs up (trying to catch the car),” he wrote, “and no one would have believed we would get to (Washington) DC for tonight’s show.”

Law professor Neil Katyal, who also attended the festival, posted on social media this morning, “It was an incredibly harrowing hike that involved walking six miles through heavy, slippery mud in the middle of the night, but I made it out of Burning Man safely.” He added, “(The festival) was fantastic with gorgeous art and great music,” adding, “Except for the ending.”

Festival organizers said that it could rain again this afternoon and asked participants to stay within the event site as much as possible and to conserve or share the food and supplies they had prepared.

“Burning Man is a community of people ready to help each other, and we knew this was the place to bring everything we needed to survive,” organizers said in a statement. “We are well prepared for these extreme weather events.” He spoke.

This festival, which has a somewhat anti-establishment character, combines camping and avant-garde cultural performances, and lasts for about a week. The principle is that participants are self-sufficient by bringing their own water, food, and other necessary items. Despite the adverse conditions, some participants took pictures of themselves dancing while covered in mud or enjoying a dip in a puddle made of rain and posted them on social media.

“Honestly, we’re having fun,” festival attendee Teresa Galleani told The Associated Press. “I haven’t seen anything negative or difficult.”

The organizer said, “We will continue to restrict vehicle access until the roads are dry enough for cars to drive safely,” and predicted that vehicle movement will be possible on Monday the 4th when weather conditions improve.