LA Homeless Tent Villages Demolished One After Another

As the infamous homeless tent villages across LA are being demolished one after another, it is being evaluated that LA Mayor Karen Bass’s homeless measures are gradually becoming effective.
A homeless tent village that had been located on Venice Boulevard near the 405 Freeway in the Mavistar area for over 10 years was demolished on the 24th.

Some of the homeless tent villages in this area belong to the city of LA, while others are divided into Culver City City Council areas, so it has been difficult to remove the tent villages. Therefore, in this area, incidents such as drug abuse by homeless people, drug dealing, and fires continued to occur, causing damage to residents.

However, as part of the LA city government’s ‘Inside Safe’ program, this camp was eventually demolished, and about 50 homeless people received housing support.

The ‘Inside Safe’ program is one of the measures to respond to the homeless crisis that began in December last year and aims to immediately move homeless people in LA to hotels and motels. Additionally, this program is designed to prevent homeless people from dying on the streets, provide mental health treatment for the homeless, eliminate tent cities, provide long-term housing for the homeless, and improve the hygiene of homes for all LA residents.

Previously, on the 11th of this month, the city of Los Angeles demolished a homeless tent village near Virgil Middle School located in Koreatown.