Trump ‘hostile to America’…

The defeat of the U.S. national team in the Women’s World Cup was blamed on leftist ideology.

When the U.S. national team, which tried to win the FIFA Women’s World Cup three times in a row, lost in the round of 16, former President Donald Trump criticized the national team, citing leftist ideology as the background.

“The U.S. women’s national soccer team’s shocking and completely unexpected loss to Sweden symbolizes what is happening under corrupt Joe Biden,” former President Trump wrote on his social media account TruthSocial.

“Most of our players have been openly hostile to the United States, and no other country has done anything like it,” he said. “Woke equals failure.” Walk, which means ‘awakening’ or ‘awareness’, originally meant awakening to racial inequality in the black community.

However, former President Trump and the Republican Party are criticizing the work as a ‘leftist agenda’ that imposes a progressive identity throughout society while pursuing excessive political correctness.

Former President Trump’s attack on the women’s World Cup team seems to have played a part in the past.

Former President Trump had a war of words over inviting them to the White House when the US national team won the Women’s World Cup in 2019, when he was in office.

LGBTQ activist and national team captain Megan Rapinoe criticized the Trump administration at the time, saying, “We will not be invited, and we will not go to the White House.” Former President Trump also criticized Rapinoe by directly mentioning him in a social media post that day.