Tensions in Korea Ease as U.S Officials Continue Peace Talks with D.P.R.K

US White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said at a White House briefing on 26th (local time) that “the consultations between the top representatives of North Korea and the United States have been very productive and constructive” regarding the announcement of the end of the war. It could have been different,” he said. This is the first public US comment on the actual end of the Korean War and has been interpreted to refer to the fact that the two countries are cooperating on North Korea, but there is a point. Opinions between the two countries. In fact, the Biden administration has rarely commented publicly on the situation after a series of related discussions in recent years. This is in contrast to the South Korean government’s statement that “the US’ understanding of the end-of-war declaration has deepened.” US Special Representative for North Korea Seung Kim, who recently visited South Korea, also said, “I look forward to continuing to work with the South Korean side to explore various ideas and initiatives, including proposals for a declaration to end the war.”

On the 27th, the South Korean government announced, “We will continue serious and in-depth discussions on the declaration of an end to the war,” in response to the Biden administration’s reference to “a different point of view” between South Korea and the United States. The United States. In particular, he stressed: “Both countries have a priority place in diplomacy and dialogue with North Korea for full denuclearization and the establishment of permanent peace on the Korean Peninsula, and continue close consultations to this end.” Earlier, the South Korean Foreign Ministry said that the decision of the Moon Jae-in administration to end the Korean Peninsula does not mean legal or structural changes to the current ceasefire system. Declaring an end to the war is a political and symbolic confidence-building measure. Some were concerned about side effects such as that if the declaration of an end to the war were adopted it could negatively impact the existence of the United Nations Command, which is responsible for administering and implementing the Armistice Agreement, and that North Korea might urge the withdrawal of American troops from Korea.