U.S. Travelers’ Top Ten Travel Tips

1. All travel documents are required for the countries you are visiting, your identification for your U.S. re-entry will be needed as well. If you are a U.S. citizen you will need a passport for re-entry if travelling via plane. visit www.travel.state.gov for destination information and specifics.

2. When bringing any object from another nation, be sure to declare it to ensure there is no inconvenience later down the line relating to that object throughout your travels.

3. Street vendors/salesmen/merchants can be unreliable and may use counterfeit change and unsafe merchandise. Be very wary of these scams by checking the change before completing the transaction. Asking questions about the product you are buying or avoid them overall to guarantee no problems.

4. Items eligible for duty exemption include objects from abroad, for personal use. If you are bringing them back for resale, there is no duty exemption.

5. Ivory and tortoiseshell are prohibited in the United States. They are not allowed through customs, out of or into the country.

6. Many foreign medical items and medicines are not allowed into the United States. When travelling out or into the country only bring your necessary medical items or medicines that are essential to yourself. Make sure they are in the original container or packaging.

7. Travelling to Cuba has some heavy restrictions, be sure to check for items not allowed to be brought into that country online with legitimate sources.

8. Usually, food outside the country is not allowed into the United States, do not bother bringing food into the country because it will likely be taken off of you. Small food items can be allowed but check online before you bring them. Check online www.dontpackapest.com

9. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers have the right by law to check you and your belongings without a warrant from the United States Government.

10. Additional information is available on the CBP brochure, know before you go, view online at www.cbp.gov/newsroom/publications/cbp-publication-catalogue