United States Blacklists 12 Chinese Companies

The US Department of Commerce has identified and declared export controls that threaten national security. The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) of the Department of Commerce announced on the 24th that it has finally selected 27 foreign companies, including 12 Chinese companies, as well as Japanese, Pakistani, Singaporean and Russian companies, as companies in breach of US law. national security or foreign policy. Commerce Minister Gina Lamondo said in a statement that “trade should promote peace, prosperity and decent jobs and should not pose a security threat.” It can prevent them from contributing. ” “The Department of Commerce will effectively use export controls in the interests of national security,” Lamondo said.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, eight Chinese companies subject to the restrictions have been placed on a checklist to protect quantum computing and encryption technologies to develop anti-stealth and anti-submarine weapons. The companies were involved in modernizing the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) and in securing weapons for which the United States acquired the original technology, the Commerce Department said. 16 companies have been chosen to regulate ballistic and nuclear missile activity developments. The Chinese company Korrad Technology has been named on charges of selling cutting-edge technology to Iran, including a North Korean ghost company. Companies subject to this regulation are prohibited from exporting or re-exporting all goods subject to the Export Control Regulations (EAR) and are required to obtain permission to handle these goods. As expected, China reacted sharply. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhao Lijian (趙立堅) said at a regular briefing on the 25th, “The United States has generalized its national security concept and has abused its national capacity to put pressure on Chinese companies.” It is a ruthless destruction of the international order and economic and trade order and seriously threatens the global industrial supply chain. ”

“China is strongly opposed to the measures taken by the United States and demands that the United States immediately correct its mistakes,” he said. “The announcement of the new sanctions list by the US Department of Commerce is incompatible with the general perception of the leaders of China and the US,” said Suh Ting, spokeswoman for the Chinese Department of Commerce in a weekly briefing. This is not conducive to the recovery of the global economy” he said.

Since the inauguration of the Biden administration, the United States has stepped up comprehensive pressure on China, with a focus on international cybersecurity cooperation such as Russia. The Commerce Department is currently drafting separate regulations requiring US companies, or companies that sell US-made products, to obtain Bureau of Industry and Security approval when exporting technology and products that can be used for cyber-related malicious activities, such as hacking and surveillance of citizens.